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Italian silverware is known and appreciated all over the world. Argenteria MB offers a fine selection of Sterling Silver items. Here you can find sterling silver candelabra, sterling silver bowls, sterling silver baskets, sterling silver amphorae, sterling silver jars, sterling silver coffee pot and many more other sterling silver objects.

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  • Amphorae and Vases

    Our selection of sterling silver amphorae and sterling silver vases includes precious examples of Italian silverware, unique pieces for the high quality of the manufacture done by hand by Italian silversmiths. The sterling silver amphora or the sterling silver vase are expressions of an Italian craftsmanship tradition famous all over the world.

  • Sterling Silver...

    Our selection includes 925 sterling silver candelabra or 800 sterling silver candelabra, but also crystal chandeliers or sterling silver candlesticks and solid silver candle holders. You can choose from English style to Empire style, to Italian baroque, to the modern expressions of this precious item that gives elegance to your home.

  • Sterling Silver...

    Our selection of sterling silver centerpieces includes jattes, bowls and baskets. These superb examples of table silverware are handcrafted in Italy by masters silversmith according to ancient craft techniques.

  • Tea and Coffee Sets

    Our selection of solid silver coffee sets and tea sets includes fine examples of Italian silverware. We have three-pieces coffee sets or four-pieces tea and coffee sets, ranging from English style to Empire style, to Italian Baroque or Moorish style.

  • Silver Tableware
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Showing 1 - 50 of 79 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 79 items